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How can I initiate a refund request for my purchase?

To request a refund for a purchase, it must fall within the warranty period specified by the seller.

You can find information about your purchase, including the deadline for refund requests and the transaction number, in the My Purchases section. If you encounter any difficulties accessing this area, you can follow the instructions outlined in this article. There are three ways to request a refund:

Through the refund platform:

Our platform offers a convenient way to request refunds for your purchases, providing you with greater autonomy in your transactions. To request a refund through our dedicated refund channel, follow these steps:

Visit the link Enter the email address used for your purchase during our checkout process.

After these steps, you'll receive a security verification code via email, which you must validate to ensure your request is processed accurately.

Via Chat: You also have the option to request a refund through our virtual assistant. Simply click here and follow the prompts provided in the chat.

Contact the seller support team: Alternatively, you can reach out directly to the seller or their support team to request a refund. They will initiate the refund process through our platform, and you'll receive an email confirmation once your request is submitted.

To locate the seller's support email, we recommend referring to this article: How do I contact the seller?

Important details about the refund process: For guidance on tracking your refund request, refer to our article: How do I track my refund request?

If your purchase involves a subscription (where you pay periodically for access to the product), refunds are only applicable to the initial subscription transaction within the warranty period specified by the seller.

Once you've submitted the refund form, it may take up to 7 days for your request to be approved and processed by the bank or payment platform used for the purchase.

In the event of a card replacement, loss, or cancellation, rest assured that we'll issue the refund to your bank, which will then credit the amount to your account. For further assistance, we recommend reaching out to your bank directly.

If you've requested a refund for a combo purchase, please note that you'll lose access to all products included in the combo, and refunds will be issued for all associated purchases.

If you've submitted a refund request within the warranty period but have yet to receive an email confirmation, please contact our support team. Be sure to provide evidence of your request, such as screenshots, including details such as the date, time of submission, sender and recipient (for email exchanges), and the complete content of the message. These details are essential for reviewing and validating your evidence.