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Step into the future with SlatPay, the platform designed to revolutionize your digital sales. Manage projects, create products and optimize financial transactions,

Providing an efficient, comprehensive solution for producers, co-producers, and customers alike. With SlatPay, you're not just part of the digital transformation - you're leading it.


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Maximize your earnings with the most advanced technology on the market. Explore the Potential of SlatPay Tools, which are Complete and easy to use.

Experience the power of real-time with SlatPay. Whether it's managing your team, tracking sales, or monitoring project progress, our real-time functionality keeps you updated every step of the way.

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Experience a game-changing 4.99% sales commission + $0.38. Accessible balance in record time.

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SlatPay: Redefining project management and digital transactions for producers and clients. Stay ahead. Stay tuned with SlatPay.

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Increase conversions with our streamlined and user-friendly checkout process.


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Rest assured with our secure and reliable transaction processing.


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Gain valuable insights into your sales and growth patterns with our robust analytics.


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Expand your customer base with SlatPay's global marketplace


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Experience unparalleled organization and efficiency with our comprehensive tasklists.


Effortless Selling

Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed to make selling your info products effective.

Global Advantage

Unleash your Potential in the Global Arena

With SlatPay, there are no geographic limits. Connect with the world, choose your preferred currency, and sell in any language.

From expanding your customer base to exploring new horizons, SlatPay empowers you to unlock your full potential in the dynamic global marketplace.


SlatTV, Take knowledge to the next level

With SlatTV, the innovative arm of SlatPay, host and sell your infoproducts, eBooks, courses and more. Amaze your customers with a cinematic experience

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The Best and Fastest Members Area

Discover the potential of your experience with SlatTV, the pioneering and free SlatPay platform. Designed for digital trendsetters. We offer a space to host, sell and share your infoproducts, ebooks, courses. Share your knowledge with the world and contribute to a better future.


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SlatPay is a payment platform designed to revolutionize your digital sales. It offers a range of tools for managing projects, creating products, and optimizing financial transactions.

What are the receipt deadlines? Credit card: 7 to 14 days after the sale. Boleto: 3 days and Pix: 1 day after the payment confirmation date. You can withdraw the balance from sales via Pix, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The sales commission is 4.99% + $ 0.30 per transaction.

Yes, you have the option to register your product on our marketplace or share an invitation link with affiliates.

Yes, using the SlatTV tool you can take advantage of our exclusive members area to host your course, ebook, software and subscription at no additional cost. Additionally, we offer hosting and automatic activation for your customers.

SlatPay offers a range of tools strategically designed to boost sales of our products to the maximum. Some of these features include real-time product analytics, simplified money sending, AI-powered product metrics and optimizations, an engaging members area, an affiliate storefront, team project management, and more.

SlatPay offers an optimized checkout process and robust analytics to help you understand your sales patterns and growth.

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