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Understanding Our Terms of Service

Slatpay believes in transparency and wants to ensure that each user fully understands the terms and conditions that govern our relationship. Here are the main things you need to know:

A. These terms govern the access to and use of the resources provided on the Slatpay Platform for all Users globally. Please note that certain features may not be available in all regions or to all Users.

B. These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you, the User, and Slatpay, governing the access and utilization of: (a) the website and its subdomains; (b) any other websites, interfaces, or applications through which Slatpay makes its resources available, including our mobile, tablet, or other electronic devices; and (c) all services associated with the resources offered by Slatpay.

C. The entity that facilitates your transactions on the Platform may vary depending on factors such as the country of residence of the User(s) and the currency involved in the transaction. For transactions carried out in Reais (BRL) between Brazilian residents, the processing entity is SlatPay Tecnologia, LTDA., registered with CNPJ/ME no. 51.713.319/0001-03, located at AV ALÍCIO ARANTES CAMPOLINA, PIONEIRO 2882 - PR. The contractual agreement between you and Slatpay depends on the contracting entity. By accepting these terms, you grant Slatpay broad authority to carry out all activities necessary to maintain the established business relationship and adhere to these Terms and other Policies.

D. By accepting these Terms, you acknowledge and agree to their contents and the other relevant Slatpay Policies, including the Privacy Policy. Slatpay Policies form an integral part of these Terms and are hereby incorporated by reference, notwithstanding any separate presentations. In the event of any conflict, the rules outlined in these Terms shall prevail over conditions stated in other Slatpay Policies, unless specific provisions dictate otherwise. These Terms and any subsequent updates supersede all prior proposals, agreements, verbal or written understandings between you and Slatpay.

E. Upon acceptance of these Terms, Slatpay grants you a non-exclusive license to utilize the Platform. The features available on the Slatpay Platform are licensed as is and are subject to modification, replacement, or removal by Slatpay at its discretion and without prior notice.

F. Compliance with the conditions outlined in these Terms is essential for the lawful use of the resources accessible on the Platform. Slatpay reserves the right to implement various measures, with or without notice, should you use the Platform in a manner

inconsistent with these Terms. Such measures may include, but are not limited to, (a) suspension of access to your product, (b) suspension of access to your account, (c) cancellation of your registration, or (d) termination of your license to use the Platform. Further details on the application of these and other measures are provided throughout these Terms.

G. By accepting these Terms, you authorize Slatpay to report to the relevant authorities any acts related to the access or use of the Platform that may indicate irregularities or illegalities. The reported User is not entitled to claim any indemnity, whether monetary or non-monetary, from Slatpay as a consequence of such reporting.

H. In compliance with guidelines issued by international agencies such as the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control, the United Kingdom Sanctions List, or the United Nations Security Council Sanctions List, Slatpay refrains from engaging or transacting with Users situated in specific countries or regions, adhering to global standards and accepted practices aimed at preventing money laundering, fraudulent activities, and the financing of illicit endeavors.

I. Slatpay is committed to safeguarding your privacy. The handling of personal information related to your access and use of the Platform is detailed in our Privacy Policy.

J. All payment processing services linked to your usage of the Platform or conducted through it are provided in accordance with Slatpay’s General Payment Policy.

K. When utilizing Slatpay Services concerning any Product, you bear the responsibility of identifying, comprehending, and adhering to all applicable laws, regulations, and rules. This includes, but is not limited to, civil regulations, intellectual property laws, advertising standards, and tax obligations. Should you have inquiries about the applicability of local laws to your business on the Platform or your relationship with Slatpay, talk to your attorney or accountant.

L. Slatpay reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. If these Terms are changed, Slatpay will publish the revised Terms on the Platform, and will inform the date of the lastest update ("version updated on"). We will also send you a notification, within the Platform, about the changes prior to their effective date. If you disagree with the new version of the Terms, you may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. If you do not terminate your Agreement before the new version’s effective date, your continued access or use of the Platform will mean that you accept the changes.

M. If Slatpay does not immediately exercise any right that may be granted under the law, or these Terms, for any reason, or even if it ceases to exercise any right in a particular case, it does not mean that Slatpay is waiving the exercise of such rights. Slatpay may exercise its rights at any time, at its discretion, and if Slatpay waives the exercise of any of its rights individually, this does not mean that it is waiving the exercise of its rights as a whole. N. Expressions starting with capital letters in these Terms or Slatpay Policies have their own meaning, as detailed in the Glossary provided on this link. To understand the content of these Slatpay Terms and Policies in detail, we recommend that you consult the meaning of these expressions in the Glossary. O. Utilization of illustrative instances in these Terms, along with the inclusion of terms like “also,” "including," and others of similar nature, does not serve to constrain the breadth of rules they represent. Rather, they serve as exemplars and hence possess a non-exhaustive function.

P. The governing language of these Terms is American English. Should there be versions of these Terms available in other languages, they are provided as courtesy translations. In instances of discrepancy, the English version shall take precedence in all contractual matters.


1.1. Extent of Slatpay Services: The Slatpay Platform furnishes an array of online resources enabling Users to consume, create, promote, or vend Products across various formats. Transactions pertaining to a Product through the Platform entail a direct contract between Users. Slatpay neither assumes nor becomes a party to, intervenes in, or guarantees any relationship between Users.

1.2. Relationship between Users and Slatpay: As a Creator, Co-creator, Affiliate, or Buyer utilizing the Platform, you engage Slatpay's services without assuming the role of a Slatpay employee, collaborator, representative, agent, partner, or associate. You may not represent yourself as having such affiliations with Slatpay (e.g., describing yourself on social media as a "Slatpay salesperson" or "Slatpay agent"). You must act solely on your behalf and for your benefit, refraining from acting on behalf or for the benefit of Slatpay. You retain the freedom to promote and sell Products you own (individually or in conjunction with a Co-producer) or act as an Affiliate, adhering to legal regulations, these Terms, Slatpay's Responsible Use Policy, and managing your business affairs and relationships as you see fit.

1.3. Product Ownership: While Slatpay owns and supplies the Platform's features, this doesn't imply Slatpay creates, develops, controls, endorses, or provides any Product. Creators and Co-producers bear full responsibility for Products and their associated information, including offers and usage regulations, as negotiated between parties and in adherence to all Terms. Slatpay bears no responsibility for disputes or damages arising from User relationships or interactions with Third Parties. Particularly, Slatpay is not liable for any claims resulting from reliance on information provided by a Creator or Co-producer, Affiliate, or conveyed within a Product.

1.4. No Assurances of Performance, Gains, or Results: Slatpay does not assure or guarantee any performance, gains, or results from Platform use or Product acquisition. Moreover, no Creator, Co-producer, or Affiliate can guarantee any performance, gains, or unattainable results arising from Platform use, User status, or Product use or sale. For instance, no Creator, Co-producer, or Affiliate may assert that Platform use generates additional income for Users, nor declare that Product usage ensures health benefits for the Buyer.

1.5. Ensuring Product Compliance with Slatpay Policies: Slatpay offers a platform and resources tailored for individuals seeking to create, promote, or sell Products conveniently, enabling them to monetize their passions, share expertise globally, and connect with like-minded individuals. Consequently, any Creator or Co-producer is welcome to leverage the Platform for Product creation, advertising, or sales. As per relevant legislation, Slatpay is not obligated to exercise prior editorial control over Product content or curate Product offerings. Furthermore, Slatpay is not required to pre-screen its User base.

1.6. Verification Procedures by Slatpay: Upholding the integrity of the community utilizing the Platform is of paramount importance to Slatpay. Therefore, Slatpay reserves the right to conduct verifications before or after User registration, Product offerings, or content insertion on the Platform, including the authority to request additional information or revisions to registered Products. Any references to Users or Products under "analysis" or similar language solely indicate ongoing registration verification processes. None of these descriptions constitute an endorsement, certification, or guarantee by Slatpay regarding Product quality. Moreover, these descriptions do not validate User or Product compliance with applicable laws, Slatpay's Terms, or Policies. Users, and not Slatpay, bear responsibility for adhering to all rules applicable to registered Products and their distribution.

1.7. Marketplace and Promotion via Third-party Services: To enhance Product visibility, Slatpay may feature them in its marketplace on the Platform based on internally established criteria. By adding a Product to the Platform, the Creator and Co-producer authorize its display. Slatpay may also reference or promote Products in internal or external communications, as well as on other platforms, both online and offline, whether by Slatpay or third parties, including Third-party Services. Such promotion does not imply Slatpay's endorsement or agreement with Product content. Additionally, Creators and Co-producers whose Products are promoted are not entitled to any compensation, benefits, or indemnity for such promotion or termination of marketplace exposure.

1.8. Access to the Internet and the Platform: Given the inherent nature of the Internet, Slatpay cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability and accessibility of the Platform. Furthermore, Slatpay may restrict Platform availability or certain areas/features as necessary, considering server capacity limits, security, integrity, and maintenance or improvement needs. Slatpay cannot be held liable by Users or third parties for access impediments or changes to Platform access methods. Slatpay reserves the right to enhance and modify the Platform at any time, including modifying, replacing, or removing existing Services, or introducing new Services.

1.9. Third-party Services: Our Platform may include links to external websites or features provided by third parties. These services operate independently of Slatpay's offerings and are governed by their own terms and conditions, which may include privacy policies. It's important to note that Slatpay assumes no responsibility for the availability or accuracy of Third-party Services, nor for the content, products, or services offered through them. The presence of these links does not imply endorsement or agreement by Slatpay.

1.9.1 Physical Products: In addition to our core services, Slatpay may offer Third-party Services to facilitate the sale of physical products, such as partnerships for product delivery, invoice issuance, and inventory management. However, Slatpay does not guarantee the availability or accuracy of these services, and users are responsible for any issues or damages that may arise from their use.

1.10. Customer Service and Dispute Resolution among Users: Slatpay provides user support mechanisms to address issues related to our services and offers channels for communication to resolve conflicts between users. We act as a mediator, facilitating dialogue and seeking mutually beneficial resolutions. In cases where Slatpay provides customer services for contracts managed by Slatpay BV, Slatpay BV will do so on behalf of Creators, within its operational limits, acting as a commercial agent.

ELIGIBILITY, REGISTRATION, AND ACCESS TO THE PLATFORM 2.1. Qualification for Users: To engage with our Platform as a Creator, Co-producer, Employee, or Affiliate, you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years or be legally emancipated, as stipulated by relevant laws. By accepting these Terms, you affirm your full capacity to undertake legal actions. If registering on behalf of a legal entity, you must possess the requisite authority and permissions to bind it legally to Slatpay, including granting necessary licenses as outlined in these Terms and our Policies.

2.2. User Age Requirements: Buyers must be at least 13 years old to access our Platform. Individuals aged 13 to 18 must obtain explicit authorization from their parent or guardian upon registration and acceptance of these Terms. Slatpay reserves the right to revoke registration for Users under 18 upon parental or guardian request, without entitling them to compensation or refunds for purchases made during their valid registration period.

2.3. Restricted Users: Upholding community integrity is paramount for Slatpay. Consequently, we retain the discretion to reject or terminate registration if, independently or based on credible third-party complaints, we become aware of convictions for serious crimes, involvement in criminal activities, money laundering, terrorism, human trafficking, or cybercrimes.

2.4. Account Suspension or Termination: In the event of account restriction, suspension, or contract termination by Slatpay, Users are prohibited from creating new accounts or accessing the Platform through another User's account without prior authorization, provided that the circumstances warranting such actions no longer persist.

2.5. Registration Protocol: Users must provide accurate and complete information during registration, as requested by Slatpay. Failure to do so may result in adverse consequences, including tax-related implications. Slatpay reserves the right to verify User identity through legally acceptable means and may request additional information to supplement provided details. Providing false, inaccurate, or incomplete information may lead to registration suspension or cancellation. Slatpay may refuse or annul registrations in cases indicating actual or potential violations of these Terms.

2.6. Data Accuracy and Integrity: You bear full responsibility for ensuring the accuracy, truthfulness, and currency of the information provided during registration and subsequent interactions with the Platform. Any repercussions arising from inaccuracies, omissions, or falsehoods in the data you furnish are solely your liability. Prior to finalizing your registration, meticulously review the details submitted to the Platform.

2.7. Account Security and Password Protection: Safeguarding the confidentiality and security of your username and password falls squarely on your shoulders. You acknowledge that any activities conducted through your Platform account are your sole responsibility, absolving Slatpay of liability for any damages, monetary or otherwise, incurred due to third-party misuse of your account. Your access credentials are personal and non-transferrable, and you must refrain from sharing them with any third party. Neither Slatpay nor any affiliated individuals are authorized to solicit your access password. Promptly notify Slatpay if you suspect or discover any unauthorized use, compromise, or loss of your access credentials.

2.8. Banking Details: Upon initiating their first transaction, Creators, Co-producers, or Affiliates must furnish their banking particulars, specifying an account in their name. Brazilian users must ensure that their bank account shares the same residential address as their registered location, applicable to both individuals and entities. International users must adhere to similar guidelines, with bank accounts held in their respective countries. Maintaining the accuracy of this information on the Platform rests with the users. Transferring owed amounts to third-party bank accounts or accounts located outside the user's country of residence is strictly prohibited.

2.9. Data Handling: The processing of personal data provided during Platform use is governed by Slatpay Privacy Policy.

COMMITMENTS TO SLATPAY AND OTHER USERS 3.1. User Responsibilities on the Platform: Your use of the Platform and SlatPay Services must adhere to lawful purposes. Upholding SlatPay's reputation is paramount, necessitating the avoidance of any activities, whether conducted directly by you or indirectly through associated third parties, that could discredit SlatPay, its Services, or its personnel.

3.2. Protection of SlatPay’s Intellectual Property: The content, brands, patents, industrial designs, company names, domain names, software, databases, networks, files, copyrights, and media materials (including audio, text, video, etc.) featured on the Platform, constitute exclusive property belonging to SlatPay or have been duly assigned or licensed to SlatPay. These assets are safeguarded by international intellectual property laws and treaties. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, use, or publication of any Platform content, item, or Product is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from SlatPay.

3.3. User Relations and Conduct: Users are obligated to maintain respectful and harmonious interactions with one another and with third parties while using the Platform. Any conduct that inflicts harm, defamation, or discrimination against other Users, third parties, or SlatPay's personnel is strictly prohibited. In the event SlatPay identifies such detrimental behavior, it reserves the right to take appropriate measures as outlined in these Terms, including but not limited to suspending your Platform access, terminating Services, or seeking compensation for damages incurred.

3.4. Indemnification of SlatPay: Acceptance of these Terms entails your commitment to refrain from causing harm to SlatPay and to indemnify any damages attributable to your actions or omissions. This obligation extends to both property and non-monetary damages, encompassing all expenses borne by SlatPay due to your conduct, such as tax obligations, legal proceedings, settlements, legal fees, fines, and interest related to the sale of Products. Furthermore, you agree to indemnify SlatPay's partners, affiliates, directors, managers, employees, agents, representatives, and legal counsel against any damages caused by your actions.

3.5. Responsible Utilization of SlatPay's Platform and Services: SlatPay provides a secure platform for individuals to create, promote, sell, or purchase Products, empowering them to establish businesses and develop new skills. In alignment with the regulations outlined in these Terms and SlatPay Policies, you are obligated to adhere to the following guidelines: (a) Avoid violating or attempting to breach any security measures implemented by the Platform, or exploiting any vulnerabilities within SlatPay's systems. (b) Refrain from altering any Product information following completion of Slatpay registration verification process, including but not limited to its title, description, purchase terms, and content. (c) Abstain from creating the impression, through actions or omissions within or outside the Platform, that you maintain a relationship with SlatPay beyond that of a User, such as an employee, collaborator, service provider, or representative. (d) Prohibit manipulation of Product prices. (e) Do not interfere with transactions between other Users. (f) Avoid engaging in unwanted, repetitive, misleading, or illegal promotional activities to promote registered Products on the Platform, including practices such as spamming, flooding, or distributing adware or malware. (g) Abstain from suggesting or implying that the Platform offers an effortless or quick method of generating income without effort. (h) Refrain from purchasing any Product using your own Affiliate link. (i) Utilize the Platform with respect, ensuring that any User Generated Content or Products you contribute or sell uphold appropriate standards. (j) Do not utilize an Affiliate link from your own Product page. (k) Avoid replacing an Affiliate link from a Product page for personal or third-party benefit. (l) Prohibit the use of any system that may overload SlatPay's Services, hindering access or altering the user experience. (m) Refrain from employing automated systems, including robots, spiders, or scripts, to access and utilize the Services in a manner contrary to these Terms or prevailing legislation.


4.1. Platform Features: SlatPay provides an integrated platform equipped with tools designed to elevate your online business, including secure global transaction processing between Users. Our objective is to empower Creators to concentrate on delivering high-quality products and fostering closer connections with their Buyers. Alongside features for product creation, promotion, delivery, and payment processing, SlatPay offers additional functionalities to streamline sales processes, allowing Creators the flexibility to select those best suited to their needs. 4.2. Product Sales: When utilizing any Platform feature to create, promote, or sell a Product, the Creator, acting on their behalf and on behalf of any Co-producers (if applicable), asserts exclusive ownership of all pertinent rights. This includes, but is not limited to, intellectual property rights associated with the Product and its contents, or confirmation of authorization from the rightful holders of such rights. Furthermore, the Creator assures that the Product does not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party, encompassing image rights or copyrights. The Product is confirmed to be an original work, or the Creator and Co-producer have obtained requisite licenses or rights assignments from content rights holders. Additionally, the Creator and Co-producer possess the authority to grant SlatPay the necessary licenses to facilitate its activities concerning Platform usage in connection with the Product, as outlined in these Terms and SlatPay's Policies.

4.3. Exclusive Distribution of Products: By leveraging any Platform feature to create, promote, or sell a Product, the Creator and Co-producer (if applicable) affirm their entitlement to exclusively market the Product and commit to distributing it solely through the Platform. They are prohibited from authorizing third parties to exploit competing Products or failing to prevent third-party exploitation of Products that compete with those offered through SlatPay.

4.4. Ethical Utilization of the Platform: SlatPay is dedicated to facilitating accessible education, enabling individuals to grow both personally and professionally. Upholding certain values and principles is fundamental to achieving this objective, including respect for others, adherence to local laws, protection of freedom of expression, and maintaining the neutrality and equality of Internet networks. Consequently, SlatPay does not condone Products and content that contravene these principles. By agreeing to these Terms, you commit to abiding by SlatPay’s Responsible Use Policy, which outlines, in a non-exhaustive manner, the types of Products that are not permitted on the Platform. In essence, you may not utilize the Platform to create, promote, or sell Products and/or publish User-Generated Content that violates applicable laws or the rights of third parties; incites violence, hatred, discrimination, or poses harm to Users or SlatPay; disrupts Users' experience on the Platform; or conflicts with SlatPay's business model or core values. Refer to SlatPay’s Responsible Use Policy for further details.

4.5. User-Generated Content and Reviews: SlatPay may, at its discretion, enable Users to engage with each other, share comments, and/or provide evaluations of Products ("User-Generated Content") within designated internal and external Platform environments, accessible to all internet users or restricted to Platform Users only. Users acknowledge their sole responsibility for all content they post, releasing SlatPay from any liability concerning potential claims, complaints, damages, and losses incurred by Creators, Co-producers, Affiliates, Consumers, and/or third parties. Users agree not to infringe upon third-party rights and to adhere to SlatPay's Responsible Use Policy, which fully applies to this provision. SlatPay reserves the right to take any measures outlined in Sections 10 and 11 of these Terms at any time in response to non-compliance with this provision, including but not limited to the removal of comments and/or evaluations.

4.6. Access to Digital Product Content: When purchasing a digital Product, Buyers acquire the right to access its content based on the terms specified on the product page. However, the purchase of a Product does not confer any intellectual property rights to the Buyer. Buyers are prohibited from selling or transferring the Product, in whole or in part, even if offered free of charge, to a third party. SlatPay reserves the right to suspend, temporarily or permanently, Buyer access to the Product, including by restricting access or blocking a User, in cases where the Buyer violates these Terms and/or other SlatPay Policies, or is suspected of engaging in fraudulent activities. Fraudulent behavior may include password sharing and unauthorized downloading, transmission, retransmission, or storage of the Product.


5.1. Exclusive Platform Sales: All Products must be exclusively marketed on the Platform. Creators and Co-producers are prohibited from advertising, promoting, or selling any Product, whether in full or in part, through alternative platforms, channels, online or offline mediums, whether for a fee or free of charge.

5.2. Prohibition of Slatpay Trademark Use: Creators may not utilize any Slatpay trademarks, logos, or trade names to endorse any Product or imply any direct or indirect affiliation, endorsement, or certification by Slatpay. Platform access should be limited to utilizing Slatpay Services for Product creation, promotion, sale, and management.

5.3. Licensing Rights Granted to Slatpay: Upon registering a digital Product, both the Creator and Co-producer (in the case of coproduction within a business partnership model) retain ownership of all rights and obligations pertaining to the Product. However, by registering a digital Product and utilizing it, the Creator and Co-producer automatically grant Slatpay authorization to distribute and provide the Product to Consumers. This entails granting Slatpay a sub-licensable, royalty-free license to utilize the intellectual property rights associated with the Product, including copyrights, property rights, for all legal purposes and effects, globally and in all modalities of use. This license is non-exclusive, permitting Slatpay to use, reproduce, adapt, translate, publish, and distribute the Product on various media or platforms, both within and outside the Platform.

5.3.1. Termination and Product Rights: In the event of contract termination, as stipulated in Section 11 of this document, Slatpay will cease utilizing the Product for new sales. However, Buyers who have previously purchased the Product will retain access to its contents for the agreed-upon duration.

5.4. Intellectual Property Protection: Slatpay strives to uphold the rights of Creators and Co-producers over the Products they register on the Platform. Upon registering any Product, Creators and Co-producers automatically grant Slatpay the authority to take necessary legal actions, both judicial and extrajudicial, to protect the intellectual property rights associated with the Product. This includes pursuing claims, settlements, appeals, and any other actions deemed necessary to safeguard these rights.

5.6. Transparency and Information Obligation: Beyond basic registration details, bank information, and other account particulars, both the Creator and Co-producer are obligated to furnish Slatpay and third parties, whether Users or not, with all pertinent information concerning the Products. This information must be provided comprehensively, clearly, objectively, transparently, and kept up-to-date, both within and outside the Platform. This includes, but is not limited to: (a) comprehensive details about the Product's subject, composition, description, purpose, characteristics, quality, and quantity; (b) pricing, payment methods, installment plan terms, promotions, and discounts; (c) warranty periods, return policies, and right of withdrawal; (d) delivery methods, access rules, exchange, and return procedures; (e) lost product protocols; (f) updates and versions; (g) mandatory requirements and certifications; (h) User obligations and rights limitations; (i) Affiliate commission rules; (j) any other pertinent information or legal obligations related to Product use and sale.

5.6.1. Disclosures: In addition to any legally mandated disclosures for product advertising, Slatpay may recommend or necessitate the inclusion of disclosures for specific product categories or individual products to enhance transparency regarding risks and delivery expectations associated with Products listed on the Platform.

5.7. Duplicate Product Listings: Creators and Co-producers are prohibited from registering identical Products multiple times for sale through separate listings unless each listing offers distinct payment methods.

5.5. Personal Data Handling: Creators must handle Users' personal data obtained through Slatpay Services in strict compliance with applicable laws, particularly the Personal Data Processing Agreement.

5.8. Accountability for Associated Parties: Creators and Co-producers assume full responsibility for the actions or oversights of Associated Parties. Associated Parties refer to any individuals or entities directly or indirectly involved with a Product, such as consultants, performers, characters, or endorsers. Upon Product registration on the Slatpay Platform, Creators and Co-producers ensure that Associated Parties understand, agree to, and adhere to the terms outlined in Slatpay's Policies and Terms of Service. Creators and Co-producers are fully responsible for securing and maintaining, throughout the entire lifecycle of the Product on the Platform, the necessary rights to utilize the image and other relevant intellectual property of Associated Parties to the extent required for product promotion. In cases where an Associated Party is a minor under the age of 18, Creators and Co-producers must obtain appropriate authorizations from legal guardians and relevant authorities. Any involvement of minors under the age of 18 in textual, visual, or auditory content within Products must be strictly limited to essential presentation needs, with Creators and Co-producers ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations regarding child labor, in addition to the provisions outlined in these Terms. Slatpay reserves the right to take appropriate action against any User or Product, including removal from the Platform, in response to actions or oversights by Associated Parties that violate these Terms.

5.9. Co-production Arrangements: Any Creator has the authority to enlist Platform Users as Co-producers in relation to a Product, provided they are fully legally capable, authorizing each Co-producer to access the Product without requiring access credentials from the Creator. Upon registration, the Creator assumes responsibility for defining the scope of authorized actions for each Co-producer, as well as determining the applicable co-production model, commission structures, and entitlements for each Co-producer regarding the sale of specific Products. By registering on the Platform, Co-producers grant the respective Creator all necessary permissions to act on their behalf and perform relevant actions before Slatpay, other Users, and third parties. Co-producers acknowledge and agree that: (i) all obligations outlined in these Terms for Creators also apply to them as Users; and (ii) unless otherwise specified in these Terms, the rights granted to Creators do not extend to them as Co-producers. Creators are jointly and severally liable to Users, third parties, and Slatpay for the activities performed by Co-producers related to their Products. Similarly, Co-producers are jointly and severally liable to Users, third parties, and Slatpay for the activities carried out by Creators concerning the Products for which they are registered as Co-producers. By accepting these Terms, Creators release Slatpay from liability for any damages, whether property or non-monetary, resulting from actions or omissions by Co-producers, and Co-producers release Slatpay from liability for any damage

5.9.1. Types of Coproduction: Co-productions can be structured in either the Commissioning or Business Partnership format, with the Creator having sole discretion to determine the appropriate model for their Product and select the User with whom to establish such a collaboration, subject to the following conditions: Commissioning: Under the "Commissioning" coproduction model, the Creator bears exclusive tax obligations to Buyers and is the sole beneficiary of payments made by Buyers. The Creator is responsible for invoicing Buyers for the sale of their Products. Meanwhile, the Co-producer is accountable for the services provided to the Creator and invoicing the Creator accordingly. Business Partnership: In the "Business Partnership" coproduction model, tax obligations to Buyers are shared between the Creator and the Co-producer. Both parties are recognized as direct beneficiaries of payments made by Buyers and are jointly responsible for issuing invoices for the sale of Products to Buyers.

5.9.2. Exclusive Creator Responsibilities: Irrespective of the coproduction model chosen, it's understood that only the Creator can perform essential managerial tasks on the Platform resulting from the authority granted by these Terms. Such activities include pricing adjustments, offer management, affiliate assignment, and other Product owner responsibilities. When accessing the Platform, Co-producers must ensure the accuracy of data and information provided by the Creator and collaborate with the Creator to resolve any discrepancies, relieving Slatpay of any associated responsibilities. Refer to Slatpay's Payment Policy for further insights into Coproduction.

5.9.3. Resolution of Disputes between Creators and Co-producers: Slatpay does not oversee, review, or endorse any contracts, negotiations, adjustments, or agreements between Creators and their Co-producers. Users are solely accountable for their decisions in establishing commercial partnerships, including determining roles, responsibilities, and addressing legal, tax, and economic implications. Slatpay refrains from involvement in disputes between Parties and bears no obligation to mediate or resolve conflicts. Whether property or non-monetary, resulting from actions or omissions by Creators.

5.10. Collaborative Arrangements: Any Creator or Co-producer has the option to enlist Users of the Platform as Collaborators, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Collaborators are empowered to manage the Creator's or Co-producer’s account without the need to share access credentials. It's clarified that Collaborators are not entitled to any payment from Slatpay, and the terms of their engagement are to be mutually agreed upon by the Creators, Co-producers, and their respective

Collaborators. Creators and Co-producers bear full and joint liability, both to third parties and Slatpay, for the activities conducted by Collaborators on their behalf or concerning their Products. By agreeing to these Terms, Creators and Co-producers absolve Slatpay of any liability for property or non-monetary damages arising from Collaborators' actions or omissions.

5.11. Responsibilities Towards Buyers: It's important to note that when Users engage in transactions for a Product through the Platform, they enter into a direct contract with each other, even if facilitated by Slatpay BV acting as a commercial agent. Consequently, Creators and Co-producers are responsible for various aspects, including: (a) ensuring that the Buyer receives the Product as described at the time of purchase; (b) delivering the Product to the Buyer, particularly if it's physical or accessed through external tools; (c) addressing any post-delivery issues with the Product, such as technical problems, exchanges, and returns; (d) offering adequate support to the Buyer; (e) cooperating with Slatpay's support team as necessary for proper User service; and (f) setting the final price of the Product charged to the Buyer. Additionally, Creators and Co-producers must adhere to legal deadlines for buyer rights and guarantees, if applicable, and any additional deadlines they establish. They are obligated to honor any Buyer requests for cancellation, refund, exchange, or return of the Product through the Platform or designated support channels. In this regard, Creators and Co-producers authorize Slatpay to deduct refund amounts owed to Buyers from their accounts.

5.12. Trial Period Feature: Creators have the option to offer a trial period for their Product, allowing Buyers to test it free of charge before making a purchase. The trial period, ranging from 1 to 30 days as determined by the Creator, aims to enable new Buyers to experience the Product. Creators have discretion over the eligibility criteria, usage terms, and duration of the trial period, with the ability to limit eligibility to prevent misuse while adhering to these Terms. At the conclusion of the trial period, unless the Buyer cancels the purchase beforehand, Creators must charge the Buyer for the Product.


6.1. Affiliate Program Overview: The Slatpay Affiliate Program enables Affiliates to earn a commission by promoting and selling Products registered on the platform. Participation in the Affiliate Program is at the discretion of the Creator.

6.1.1. Affiliates' Accountability: Creators and Co-producers, in the case of coproduction under the Business Partnership model, bear full responsibility for the actions of their Affiliates in promoting their Products. If an Affiliate engages in inappropriate behavior or violates these Terms or Slatpay's Policies, Slatpay may take disciplinary action as outlined in Section 10 of these Terms against the Affiliate, the Creator, the Product, or any combination thereof. Improper conduct by Affiliates includes altering the sales narrative of the Product, providing false information, or engaging in spamming practices.

6.1.2. Creator Restrictions: All commission payments to Affiliates must be processed exclusively through the Slatpay Platform. Creators are prohibited from implementing alternative commission payment mechanisms outside the Platform. Additionally, Creators cannot impose requirements on Affiliates such as achieving specific goals, making prior purchases, or paying fees to the Creator.

6.1.3. Communication Requirements: Creators must provide Affiliates or their network with at least 3, 30, 60, or 90 days notice, as chosen by the Creator, regarding all terms of affiliation and any changes made to affiliation rules, including discontinuation or modifications to commission percentages, unless it's demonstrated that the Affiliate failed to comply with previously established rules.

6.2. Affiliate Program Rules: Upon joining the Affiliate Program, Creators must adhere to the guidelines outlined in these Terms. The following responsibilities fall solely on the Creator: determining the commission percentage for each Product sale, setting participation criteria for the Affiliate Program, approving or rejecting applicants based on predefined criteria, defining promotion methods and limitations, and managing their Affiliate network. Slatpay reserves the right to limit the number of Affiliates per Product or Creator and to impose additional duties and obligations on Creators and Affiliates beyond those outlined in these Terms, with or without prior notice. In case of conflicts between Creator-established rules and these Terms, the latter shall prevail.

6.3. Affiliation Process: Affiliates are required to submit an affiliation application for a specific Product. Creators retain the right to accept or reject applications based on pre-defined criteria, unless affiliation is not contingent upon prior approval. By submitting their application, Affiliates agree to abide by all rules established by the Creator, including those concerning values and commission rules related to Product sales, which are exclusively determined by the Creator without the involvement of Co-producers or Slatpay. Affiliates must consider all general and specific conditions from Slatpay and the Creator before deciding to promote a particular Product. 6.4. Affiliate Status: Affiliation with a Product does not establish any relationship between the Affiliate and Slatpay other than that of a User. Affiliates are prohibited from taking any action or omission that directly or indirectly associates them with Slatpay or suggests any other type of connection with Slatpay. This includes the improper use of Slatpay's trademark or any other intellectual property, as well as describing positions or professional relationships that may imply a link with Slatpay. For instance, Affiliates cannot create social media profiles, whether personal or professional, presenting themselves as a "Slatpay salesperson" or "Slatpay agent".

6.5. Promotion and Sale of Products: Affiliates are responsible for communicating all Product features and sale conditions defined by the Creator on the Platform to the target audience for which the Product is advertised. Affiliates share joint liability with the Creator for ensuring full compliance with the sale conditions. 6.6. Sub-Affiliation or Multi-Level Marketing: Affiliates are prohibited from creating or engaging in any form of resale, sub-affiliation, multi-level marketing, or similar processes, whether directly or indirectly.


7.1. Responsibility for the Buyer’s Experience: Slatpay holds the belief that learning and teaching should be accessible to everyone. Hence, Slatpay Services are available for individual Creators or Co-producers alike. Slatpay also values user autonomy, empowering Users to decide which Products they wish to consume. Therefore, Slatpay is not obligated to exercise prior control (editorial or otherwise) or curation of the Products. While Slatpay may review Product registrations, it cannot determine whether the Products adhere to all legal requirements, whether they are suitable for their intended purposes, nor can it ascertain the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of information provided by Creators and Co-producers. Upon purchasing any Product, Buyers are responsible for assessing the suitability of the Product and the Creator or Co-producer for their intended purposes, as well as verifying the accuracy of other information and characteristics provided regarding the Product. Additionally, Buyers voluntarily assume all associated risks with the purchase, including exposure to subjects or merchandise deemed offensive, indecent, or objectionable, or potential harmful or adverse effects resulting from the Product's content, for which Buyers accept full responsibility.

7.2. Due Diligence regarding Provided Information: Buyers bear full responsibility for all information provided and statements made to Creators or any other individual when using the Platform, either for the purpose of purchase or as a result of using any Product. SLATPAY COMISSION

8.1. Creator Fees: Utilizing the features provided by the Slatpay Platform entails the payment of License and Service Fees by the Creator and, in the "Business Partner" model, by the Co-producer. These fees are deducted at the time of each Product sale transaction. Upon transaction approval, a fee is subtracted from the final amount charged by the Creator and/or Co-producer to each Buyer. The specifics of these fees, including payment methods, invoicing, and payment types, are outlined in the General Payment Policy. Slatpay reserves the right to modify these fees at its discretion, with prior notice.

8.2. Affiliate and Buyer Fees: Buyers and Affiliates can utilize Slatpay services without incurring any charges. Affiliates render services exclusively to Creators and Co-producers, where applicable. However, Slatpay may levy fees resulting from financial transactions conducted by these Users, such as accountable advances requested by an Affiliate or installment plans, or the use of different payment methods by Buyers, as detailed in the General Payment Policy.

LIMITATION ON SLATPAY`S LIABILITY 9.1. Limitation on Slatpay's Liability: It's important to recognize that when utilizing the Platform as a Creator, Co-producer, Affiliate, or Buyer, you're engaging with the services provided by Slatpay. Slatpay does not create, design, control, endorse, sell, or supply any Products to you. The responsibility for the Product and its information lies with the Creators and Co-producers. By accepting these Terms and utilizing the Platform, you do so voluntarily, acknowledging the associated risks. Therefore, except in cases of liability mandated by law, Slatpay is not accountable for damages of any nature arising from the access or use of the Platform, whether direct or indirect, including property damages, non-monetary losses, actual losses, or lost profits. Slatpay is not liable, among other things, for:

(a) damages resulting from Product unsuitability for intended purposes;

(b) damages from defects or deficiencies in Product quality or quantity;

(c) damages from risks associated with Product use, including potential harm or hazards;

(d) complaints arising from dissatisfaction due to Product quality;

(e) damages resulting from errors, incompleteness, falsehood, or inadequacy of information provided in Product advertising through Platform features;

(f) damages related to Product delivery times, methods, exchanges, returns, and/or loss;

(g) damages resulting from Users' failure to fulfill their legal or contractual obligations towards other Users;

(h) damages resulting from errors, omissions, falsehoods, or inadequacies in the information provided during payment transaction processing;

(i) damages resulting from Third-party Services;

(j) damages resulting from third-party services in currency conversions and withdrawals processing;

(k) damages resulting from the improper use of the Platform by third parties or Users, including Creators, Co-producers, Affiliates, or Buyers, especially concerning the advertising of Products previously acquired on other platforms;

(l) damages resulting from materials, information, or content published on third-party websites, or from the availability of these websites. It's the User's responsibility to exercise discernment, caution, and common sense when accessing third-party websites, and to review their respective privacy policies and terms of use;

(m) damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in systems, servers, or the Internet; (n) damages resulting from virus attacks on the User's equipment during Platform use or as a result of data, file, image, text, or audio transfer;

(o) damages arising from the unauthorized provision of Products, wholly or partly, on the Platform or other web pages and applications, by Users or third parties, due to piracy activities, such as copying, improper downloading, modification, reproduction, distribution, storage, transmission, sale, resale, and reverse engineering of content.

9.2. Exclusion of Slatpay as a Defendant in Potential Lawsuits: By accepting these Terms, you agree to exclude Slatpay as a defendant in any claim or lawsuit, whether judicial or extrajudicial, that (i) you initiate against other Users or third parties and/or (ii) you receive from other Users or third parties, concerning the use of the Platform and/or related to your Products. This exclusion also extends to Slatpay partners, its parent company, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives, and attorneys-in-fact.

BREACH OF SLATPAY'S TERMS AND POLICIES 10.1. Violations of the Terms: Should you fail to adhere to any provision of these Terms or any Slatpay Policy, whether in full or in part, Slatpay reserves the right to take various measures, at its sole discretion, tailored to your situation, either individually or in combination, with or without prior notice, at any time and for such duration as it deems appropriate. These measures may include, but are not limited to:

(a) issuing a warning;

(b) limiting, removing, or terminating access to the Product;

(c) reducing the visibility of the Product in the Slatpay marketplace or other promotional channels;

(d) restricting access to, suspending, or terminating the Affiliate Program;

(e) restricting access to, suspending, or terminating any special benefits or categories offered by the Platform related to the Creator and Co-producer, their account, or a specific Product;

(f) downgrading the User's category;

(g) limiting, suspending, or terminating access to any special Platform features;

(h) removing the Product page;

(i) limiting access, suspending, blocking, or removing the Product, comments, reviews, accounts, or Users; or

(j) terminating this Agreement.

10.2. Preventive Measures: Slatpay may, at its discretion, implement preventive measures to investigate potential violations of the Slatpay Terms or Policies, or if it deems it necessary to safeguard its own interests or those of third parties. These measures may remain in effect until any necessary corrections or verifications are completed, or until Slatpay decides whether to terminate its services or implement other measures. Such preventive measures may result in the temporary suspension of Slatpay services for a specific Product or User. During such suspension, Slatpay may modify or restrict access to certain features of the User's account, such as:

(a) suspending the transfer of funds resulting from sales made through the Platform, or preventing the User from withdrawing funds from their account, in accordance with Slatpay's Payment Policy; or

(b) preventing the User from modifying their registration information, banking details, or registered Products. Additionally, Slatpay may cancel sales links and active offers in the event of a suspension of Slatpay services. In such cases, the User shall not be entitled to compensation for any property or non-monetary damages resulting from the preventive measures implemented by Slatpay.

10.3. Additional Judicial or Extrajudicial Measures: Slatpay reserves the right to pursue any other necessary measures, whether judicial or extrajudicial, deemed appropriate by the platform, either independently or on behalf of its users. These measures may be implemented in conjunction with or independently of those outlined in the preceding sections.


11.1. Suspension or Termination of Slatpay Services:

At Slatpay, our values prioritize respect, freedom, and the promotion of entrepreneurship and education. Therefore, we reserve the right to take necessary actions to safeguard our platform and community, either at the request of a third party or at our own discretion. Such actions may include suspending or discontinuing service provision, revoking user licenses, making products unavailable, or removing them from the platform, among others outlined in Section 10 of these Terms. These measures may be enacted with or without notice, at any time, and may be applied individually or cumulatively. Our decisions in this regard are solely at our discretion and may be based on factors such as: (a) non-compliance with our Terms or Policies;

(b) actions contrary to Slatpay's values or principles; or

(c) conduct, whether on or off the platform, that could harm Slatpay's reputation or business interests. Approval during the registration process does not preclude us from taking necessary action. By agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge that you are not entitled to compensation, whether monetary or otherwise, in the event of action taken by Slatpay based on law, these Terms, or our Policies. This includes instances such as refusal of registration or product, account suspension or termination, license revocation, or product removal from the platform.

11.2. Termination without Cause:

Upon acceptance of this Agreement, Slatpay grants you a non-exclusive license to use the platform indefinitely. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate this Agreement and the associated license at our discretion by providing 30 days' notice to the email address registered in your account. 11.3. Termination for Cause:

Slatpay may terminate this Agreement immediately, without notice, in the following circumstances: (a) violation of these Terms or any of our Policies; (b) suspicion of fraudulent activity; (c) to prevent harm to you or third parties; or (d) as required by legal obligation, court order, or governmental or regulatory agency determination. 11.3.1. Immediate Termination due to Improper Conduct:

At Slatpay, maintaining the integrity of our community is paramount. Thus, we reserve the right to take swift action, including immediate termination of this Agreement, either in part or in full, without prior notice, under the following circumstances: (a) repeated negative evaluations or comments;

(b) receipt of multiple complaints about improper conduct;

(c) a significant volume of service-related complaints regarding

your Product or yourself as a Creator or Co-producer, deemed incompatible with the expected quality; (d) failure to provide adequate support to Buyers;

(e) refusal to correct, update, or include relevant information about the Product or yourself on the Platform;

(f) exceeding chargeback, complaint, and dispute benchmarks set by major card companies, with a limit of 0.9% by region;

(g) provision of incomplete, outdated, incorrect, fraudulent, or inaccurate information during registration; and

(h) engaging in actions harmful to Slatpay, necessitating termination to protect our

health, safety, reputation, honor, and rights, as well as those of our employees, investors, partners, administrators, Users, or affected third parties.

11.4. Effects of Termination:

11.4.1. Access to Slatpay Account: Upon termination of this Agreement, you forfeit the right to restore or maintain your account on the Platform, as well as the ability to register a new account or access the Platform through another User's account.

11.4.2. Personal Data Provision: We are not obligated to provide Users with additional data beyond what is accessible through normal Platform use, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

11.4.3. Subscription Products: Slatpay may, at its discretion, continue processing payments for subscription Products. In the event of migration of Buyers to another payment method or platform, Creators and Co-producers are responsible for facilitating this migration within the specified timeframe, utilizing the data accessible to them through the Platform. Slatpay will not provide additional data beyond what is already available to facilitate the migration process.

11.4.4. Withdrawal of Slatpay Account Balance: In the event of termination of the Contract, any remaining balance in the User's account will be transferred to the bank account provided during registration within 30 (thirty) days upon request.

11.4.5. Refunds to Affected Buyers: If a Creator's Contract termination affects Buyers' access to a specific Product, Slatpay will refund Buyers up to the balance available in the Creator's payment account.

11.4.6. Withholding of Amounts by Slatpay: Slatpay reserves the right to withhold an amount from the Creator, Co-producer, or Affiliate's balance for up to 180 (one hundred and eighty) days following the last transaction, to secure Slatpay rights and cover any incurred expenses. After this period, the withheld balance will be released to the respective bank account.

11.4.7. User Support after Termination: Support services for Creators and Co-producers, including access to account managers, will cease upon termination of the Agreement. For any post-termination queries or issues, Users can contact Slatpay customer support.

11.4.8. Specific Agreements with Slatpay: Termination of this Agreement will also result in the immediate termination of any other specific agreement with Slatpay, if applicable.

11.5. Survival Clauses: Sections 5, 6, 7, and 9 of these Terms will remain in effect despite the termination of this Contract.


12.1. Reporting Mechanism: We offer two channels for reporting issues on the platform, namely the Ethics Line and the Help Center. These avenues are crucial for addressing any violations of our policies or terms of service. All complaints are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions are taken. It's important to use these channels responsibly and ethically. If you're unsure about the details of an issue, seek legal advice before filing a complaint, and ensure you have evidence to support your claim.

12.2. Intellectual Property Rights Complaints: If you're reporting an intellectual property rights violation, please follow the guidelines provided by our reporting channels. This includes providing detailed information about the reported content, supporting documents, and proof of ownership of the intellectual property rights. Complaints should only be submitted by the rights holder or an authorized representative. We don't accept complaints from third parties. By submitting a complaint, you acknowledge that your information may be shared with the accused party for resolution purposes.

12.3. Reporting Unapproved Disclosure of Private Content: If you're reporting unauthorized disclosure of private content, such as images or videos containing nudity or sexual acts, Slatpay will promptly remove such content within 10 days of receiving all necessary information. To facilitate this process, please provide the specific URL of the material and details to help us identify the individuals involved. You can only report content that directly involves you, a relative, or someone you legally represent, providing evidence of the relationship. Materials involving others should be reported by the affected parties, their relatives, or guardians.

12.4. Slatpay Response: Slatpay will act on complaints promptly, provided they contain all required information. We won't initiate investigations without the necessary details. Anonymity is not permitted for complaints involving intellectual property violations.

12.5. Responsibilities of the Complainant: Submitting false or misleading reports may result in measures outlined in Section 10 of our Terms, including permanent account suspension for users. Complainants may also be liable for damages under applicable laws. We cooperate with authorities investigating false reports. Complainants are responsible for any damages caused by unfounded complaints, especially if Slatpay takes preventive or definitive actions based on them.

12.6. Investigation Protocol for Complaints: Upon reviewing a complaint, if SlatPay determines that it lacks substantial grounds or evidence to warrant an internal investigation, the complaint will be closed. However, if an investigation appears necessary and there's no incontrovertible evidence about its origin, SlatPay may direct the complaint to the accused individual or the responsible party for the reported Product. SlatPay reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take preventive measures outlined in Section 10 of these Terms, either individually or cumulatively. If necessary, the accused party has 5 days from the referral by SlatPay to respond to the complaint. The accused must provide: (a) contact information; (b) details about the reported content; (c) proof of ownership of intellectual property rights over the reported Product, including relevant supporting documentation; and (d) a statement contesting the reported violation of intellectual property rights, assuming responsibility for any damages arising from continued commercialization or access to the Product in question.

12.6.1. Internal Investigation Initiation: SlatPay reserves the right to commence an internal investigation at any time, particularly in cases where

(a) clarification can resolve potential disputes between Users,

(b) evidence suggests irregularities by the accused party that are not clearly explained, or

(c) complaints exhibit inconsistencies or indications of bad faith, fraud, or misconduct. Results of internal investigations may be shared with relevant authorities if mandated by law or deemed necessary. Otherwise, SlatPay determines whether to disclose investigation outcomes.

12.7. SlatPay's Review of Complaints: Failure to respond to a complaint within 10 days may prompt SlatPay to definitively enforce any measures outlined in Section 10 of these Terms, as deemed appropriate, with communication to the complainant and the affected User. SlatPay may also apply measures from Section

10, individually or cumulatively, if the accused party's response indicates a violation of Terms, rights infringement, or other irregularities on the Platform. If SlatPay, or a designated third party, finds the reported issue reasonably contentious, a dispute resolution process between Users may be initiated.

12.8. Resolution of User Disputes: SlatPay's Services aim to facilitate connections between Users. Disputes arising from these connections, including those concerning Product quality, warranty, and technical aspects, should be resolved directly between Users. To aid in dispute resolution, SlatPay offers support services at no charge through the Help Center, in addition to the complaint channel. Upon activation, customer support may engage with Users involved in a dispute. Users agree to diligently respond to support service inquiries, prioritizing prompt problem resolution within the deadlines set by SlatPay. In cases where Users fail to reach a mutual agreement, SlatPay reserves the right (though not obligated) to intervene and resolve the dispute based on principles of good faith and fairness outlined in these Terms and Policies. SlatPay may delegate dispute resolution to designated third parties, including self-regulatory mechanisms. Users are required to fully and irrevocably comply with SlatPay's decision or that of its appointed representatives regarding the dispute. 13. STRIPE ACQUIRER TERMS OF SERVICE VALID FOR SLATPAY

13.1 Compliance with Stripe Terms of Service: Goods and services sold through SlatPay must not violate the Terms of Service of Stripe, our payment processing partner. It is your responsibility to ensure that payments are not accepted for products or services that violate Stripe's Terms of Service.

13.2 Verification of Goods and Services: If you accept payments for goods and services provided by third parties, you must verify that you are not accepting payments for anything that violates Stripe's Terms of Service. Additionally, you must confirm that the purchased goods or services were actually provided to the customer.

13.3 Verification of Identity: It is essential to verify the identity of individuals or businesses to whom you send transfers through SlatPay. This helps prevent fraudulent activities and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

13.4 The Customer acknowledges and agrees that all payments made through our marketplace are processed by SlatPay and not by individual sellers. The name SlatPay will appear on the Customer’s payment statements. If there is an expectation that payments should be processed directly by a specific seller, that seller shall be responsible for processing such payments using their own payment processing accounts, in accordance with their own agreed terms.

13.5 SlatPay utilizes Stripe for payment processing to ensure transparency and proper funds flow from Customers to sellers within our marketplace. This arrangement clarifies that SlatPay is the merchant of record for all transactions conducted through it's platform.

13.6 SlatPay commits to fully comply with the Terms of Service set forth by Stripe and any other applicable payment processing guidelines. It is SlatPay’s responsibility to ensure that no transactions facilitated through its marketplace involve goods or services that violate these terms. SlatPay merchants agree to fully comply with Stripe's terms of service, which includes not selling any good or service listed on the restricted business list found here

13.7 To ensure the legitimacy and fulfillment of transactions, SlatPay requires confirmation that all goods or services paid for through the marketplace are delivered or duly provided to the Customers. SlatPay reserves the right to request proof of such fulfillment from sellers as needed. 13.8 SlatPay is obligated to verify the identity of all individuals and entities to whom payments are made through our platform. This verification process is conducted in compliance with Stripe’s requirements and applicable laws to prevent fraud and enhance security within the marketplace.


14.1. Inquiries: SlatPay's website ( serves as the primary resource for inquiries regarding these SlatPay Terms and Policies, SlatPay Services, or any program, feature, resource, or general issues related to the Platform. The website offers various free educational materials, best practices tips, and guides. No third party is authorized to speak on behalf of SlatPay, and any practices suggested by such parties should be considered unofficial. If the information on the website does not address your concerns, please reach out to our Customer Support team.